What type of lifestyle do you lead? What are your reasons for looking for a home? What is important to you?

Knowing your priorities and desires and aligning them with the needs for your phase of life is what the Art of Real Estate is all about! This applies to selling a property also - we need to figure out the demographics and desires of the most likely buyer, and fine tune the marketing of your property to that particular type of buyer.



I really want a new home. I don’t care that they come with no trees or grass or even a less than ideal lot. I want carpet that no one else has lived on and a kitchen that no one else has cooked in. Design center, here I come!



Give me a functional floorplan and a short commute. I hate traffic and would much rather buy a fixer-upper in the area I want than get a nicer newer house further out. There are only a few neighborhoods that I'll even consider.

pool view.JPG


When we go look at a house, I head straight for the back yard.  I absolutely can’t stand looking at the back of someone else’s house. A greenbelt is OK, but a view would be ideal! 

patio fire.JPG


I love the latest style, appliances, media room, outdoor kitchen, pool with waterfalls, lights, hot tub, etc. Keep up with this, Joneses!

kitchen 3, before.JPG


All the fancy bells and whistles don’t mean anything without a floorplan that works perfectly. I want storage. Garage space. A shady back yard. I don’t need fancy appliances – these work just fine!

front left.jpg


What is the tax rate? How much are the HOA fees? How old are the appliances? Are the windows double paned. How much do you think the seller will come down off the price?

front close.JPG


I can’t imagine why anyone would want to live in the suburbs. The hip people live near downtown. I’d rather not have to have a car – I’d rather ride my bike or walk. A septic tank – what’s that?

2014-09-20 14.33.22.jpg


Give me some land! A simple house is fine, but I can’t wait to get out of the city and have my horses and goats in my back yard. Oh, and chickens! It is on well, or city water? How old is the septic tank? Can I get a farm exemption?



Is this an area that is appreciating? I will buy the ugliest house in the neighborhood if it has good “bones”. I’ll just fix it up.  Maybe I’ll live there. But I don’t like to stay anywhere too long. After I make some good profits on this house, I’ll be looking for the next “project”. 



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