What phase of life are you in? What are your reasons for looking for a home? What is important to you? 

The Art of Real Estate includes exploring what phase of life you are in and what your family looks like. We explore your current needs, and look a ways down the road to help you see what needs you are likely to have in the next few years so you can make wise buying decisions.


singles and couples

You are ready for a place to call your own. You are tired of landlords and not feeling like you could really put your own touch on your home. Location is critical. Close to work and the “action”. You don’t have a lot of furniture, so you aren’t overly concerned with having a lot of space. But you are new to owning a home, so you generally want it to be in decent condition since you haven’t had a lot of experience with being a handyman. A small to medium sized yard is sufficient, and you aren’t overly concerned with the schools. Just that the neighborhood is nice and close to where you work and go out.

Jordan family.jpg

family with baby/toddler

You bought the perfect little home as a young couple. Perfect for the two of you. A nice master suite and kitchen and living area are all you really cared about. You didn’t have much furniture. And you didn’t need much space in the secondary bedrooms, and you thought a gameroom was a useless room. “It’s just the two of us….” Then - Surprise! New family members. Children. Maybe dogs. Now you realize how much “stuff” little tiny people have and you have accumulated furniture and toys and you are just busting at the seams! How did we ever think this place was big enough? I just need some space! I’ll fix it up if I have to – I just need space!

pool view.JPG

family with elementary/middle schoolers

You were ecstatic to get into a larger home when you had little kids. Now, you are ready for a nicer version. You crave the newer styles, the upgraded appliances, and nicer countertops. You are ready for a more luxurious master suite where you can escape the craziness of the kids. Oh, and a larger back yard and a gameroom! A view would be an awesome bonus too! Neighborhood amenities and great schools are super important, as is proximity to the kids’ activities so we don’t spend all our family time in the car.

patio fire.JPG

family with teens

Teens are ALWAYS in their rooms so large bedrooms are now super important. The big yard – not so much. You have figured out that the kids don’t really play in the back yard and are never out there…unless you have a cool pool, hot tub, or firepit…then you become the “hangout house”.  You probably want the master bedroom downstairs, because the thought of hearing your teen’s music or giggles or late night phone conversations just isn’t that appealing when you are trying to sleep. The driveway and garage suddenly got more important as now the number of cars in the family is growing and the “car shuffle” gets old really quickly.

kitchen 3, before.JPG

single parent

Well, it’s just me and the kids. What do I do now? How am I going to manage a job and the kids and a house? I want the kids to stay near their friends, but I have to get into something manageable that I can afford and that I can take care of by myself. I need a home that feels like “ME”. Comfortable. Safe. And homey. Even though it’s smaller than my last home, it’s mine, and I’m excited about it.  I want a yard, and some privacy, but it needs to be easy to take care of.

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Blended family

Well, we are officially the Brady Bunch! Ready to put these two families together as one. We need to make sure that everyone has their own space – so that we can all learn to peacefully co-exist. Do the siblings share a bath? Or should the girls have one and the boys the other. How is this going to work? This is weird. But I’m excited!


empty nesters

Wow. The kids are gone. It is just me/us! I can live anywhere I want without worrying about schools or kids’ activities! I might want to go live downtown and get closer to the action. On the other hand, a country setting sounds appealing too. Which way should I go? I just know I’m ready to get out of my little “bubble” and explore a new life! I am fine with parting with some of my “stuff” to get into a house that I love.  I’m ready to simplify a bit, and enjoy my life! But I still need some storage – I still want my “toys”. I’ve got some living to do! But wait…mom and dad don’t do so well with stairs, so we might need a second bedroom downstairs.

2014-09-20 14.33.22.jpg

mature adults

I’m so over the big house and all the “stuff”! I just want a nice, quality house. I want a pleasant, but low maintenance yard. A condo is a possibility, but low HOA fees and low taxes are pretty important because I’m also over going to work every day. I don’t like to drive at night – so I want a location close to the grocery store, doctors, and good restaurants so I don’t have to drive very far. I don’t really care much for neighborhood amenities like pools and tennis courts. But some neighborhood activities would be nice so I can make some new friends.


not ready to commit (leasing)

Maybe you are new to town and want to get a feel for the neighborhoods in Austin before you commit to a purchase. Or maybe you just need some time to save up for your down payment. Or maybe you just flat aren't ready to commit to a purchase. A lease is perfect for you - but you still want a nice place, not just an apartment! A condo could work, but maybe you have a dog and really want a yard, so a house might be better. 


Let the Real Estate Artists at Margaret Jolly Homes help you explore what is important to YOU, whatever phase of life you happen to be in! Just fill in the information below to get started on your home buying or selling journey!

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